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The destiny of the human race has been in the hands of secret societies for ages, who dominate us and continue to foretell and plan our futures.
Understand that their goals are not the ones we see manifest, rather excuses to obtain the others, the goals they keep hidden.

Acerenza, an unknown land proven to be one of the most important centers for secret society conspiracies in southern Italy. This town and several other towns in the region of Basilicata known as Lucania until 1300, were inhabited by many significant historical figures that played vital roles in these conspiracies.

As we've discovered the main headquarters was in Acerenza. Sooner or later, connections will be plain to see, along the towns in the province of Potenza which were influenced by Masonic activities and practices. These connections were never written in books; never realized by any human being.

Recent discoveries prove that the birth of the secretive organization of the Templar Knights began in Acerenza by a Norman-Italian and not a Frenchmen notably; Hugues de Payen.

In this Italian region of Lucania you'll witness clues left behind by some of the very first secret societies in history. This may open your eyes to the coming of the third pre-meditated World War.

During the Magna Grecian period of 500 B.C. Pythagoras was opening his esoteric school in Metapontum located by the sea 37miles from Acerenza where members had to be sworn in. Pythagoras aspired to create superior humans, demy-gods or half manhalf god. Spiritual rituals were performed in hopes of arriving at this relevant spirit. Pythagoras also realized that knowledge was not enough and that one needed the adapted spirit of serenity to achieve this therefore; purification of the spirit. Only then would one receive the knowledge needed to become god-like.

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